Top VICIDial Services We Offer with Years of Experiences

Top VICIDial Services by Elision

We, Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd, have been catering to call centers for more than 13 years with different solutions and services. We have some proprietary solutions to offer such as DialShree: Omnichannel Call Center Software and we also offer services in different open source solutions. VICIDial is one of the open source solutions, we have expertise in.

For many years, we have been offering different services to VICIDial users. (more…)


Top Reasons to Use DialShree Call Center Solution in India

Reasons to Use DialShree Call Center Solution

DialShree call center solution is popular all across the globe. Hundreds of call centers and small to large scaled businesses are using it to run their inbound, outbound, and blended campaigns. As DialShree has become a global name, many Indian call centers and companies often ask us, is it still an ideal call center solution for Indian businesses?

Answer is yes. It is one of the top call center solutions India and there are many big brands that use it to run their call center campaigns. (more…)


How to Reduce Expenses of Call Center?

Tips to Reduce Expenses of Call Center

Similar to any other business, reducing expenses is one of the prime focuses of call centers. Reducing expenses directly results in increasing returns over investment (ROI). There are many strategies a call center can adopt to reduce the expenses and in this article, we will talk about the top strategies, which help call centers to reduce costs significantly.

1. Choose between in-house call center software vs. call center service

To run a call center, but obviously, you cannot continue using the traditional telephony method. You need a feature-rich call center solution. (more…)


Why Businesses Need an In-house Call Center?

Importance of Call Center for Your Business

Earlier, only big enterprises or companies that specifically work in the call center industry used to have an in-house call center, but this is not the case anymore. Now, startup, small businesses, hospitals, banks, and almost all businesses and organizations have started setting up an in-house call center.

Now, access to a call center solution and using that software is extremely easy. This is one of the reasons behind increasing in-house call centers, but this is not the prime factor. Let us share the top 3 reasons why businesses need an in-house call center. (more…)


How to Take Advantage of Omnichannel Call Center Solution?

Tips to Take Advantage of Omnichannel Call Center Solution

Traditionally, call centers used to use a call center software solution with a single channel of communication, which is, voice calling. However, in modern times, there are many innovative features that are introduced in this software. The omnichannel call center solution is the most innovative and also the most popular software these days. There are many benefits to using it. By using this type of call center solution, you can give support to your customers through multiple communication channels, including, but not limited to: (more…)


Why You Must Shift to Cloud Call Center Solution?

You Must Shift to Cloud Call Center Solution

Cloud call center solutions are in use for ages, but now people are adopting it massively. If you are still thinking about whether you should shift to a cloud call center solution or not, this article will help you resolve this dilemma.

In this article, you will learn about the top 5 reasons to shift to a cloud call center solution:

1. Go remote or onsite, whichever approach you like

Cloud call center solution is your call center software installed on cloud space instead of in-house servers. It takes all IT infrastructure with this software on the cloud space. (more…)


Use Cases of Video Conferencing in Healthcare Industry

Video Conferencing in the Healthcare Industry

Video conferencing solutions are used in all different industry verticals. It is an amazing tool for remote communication and collaboration. One of the industries which can leverage a plethora of benefits by using this software is the healthcare industry.

There are many articles written on the benefits of a video conferencing solution for the health care industry. Thus, we are not going to repeat the same. (more…)


Why VPN Access to Call Center Solution Is Not the Right Choice for Remote Work?

Avoid VPN to Access Call Center Solution Remotely

A majority of call centers are adopting work from home work model similar to many businesses. There are two effective ways to securely access call center solutions from remote locations, so agents and supervisors can work from home.

  1. Access call center solution via VPN (Virtual Private Network)
  2. Use cloud call center solution

Generally, accessing call center software via a VPN sounds like an easy option, but let me tell you, it is not the right thing to do. (more…)


Tips to Use Skills based Routing Efficiently

Tips to Use Skills based Routing Effectively

Almost all modern call center software is equipped with a variety of call routing rules to increase agents’ productivity and customer satisfaction. Skill based routing is one of the advanced call routing features that will let you utilize the full potential of your agents. That’s the reason almost all call center solutions come with this feature.

Having skill based routing feature doesn’t finish your job. You have to take certain steps to make the most out of it. To help you assure that you use your skill based routing efficiently. Here is a step wise guide. (more…)


DialShree Mobi and Its Top Benefits

DialShree Mobi and Its Top Benefits

DialShree Mobi has started benefiting businesses that use call center solution and want to take advantage of a remote working model. In this article, you will learn more about it.

What Is DialShree Mobi?

It is a call center dialer mobile app. It is one of the leading mobile applications available for the call centers and similar businesses that run inbound and outbound calling campaigns.

DialShree Mobi is now also available in the Google Play Store and registered DialShree Mobi users can start using it to run inbound and outbound calling campaigns via their Android phone. (more…)