Remote Work Model with Call Center Solution Part 2

Remote Work Model with Call Center Solution Part 2

In the last blog post, we discussed one of the three approaches available to use the call center solution to take the benefit of unified communication and remote work during this pandemic. If you have missed that post, you can read it here: Remote Work Model with Call Center Solution Part 1.

Today, in this article, we will talk about using the call center solution to successfully run the Remote Work model and stopping the spread of COVID 19. This is the second approach to using this system.

As mentioned earlier, the approach 1 allows using the call center solution from home via a public or private network. One of the major disadvantages of using that approach is it requires very high bandwidth internet because all the packets, voice, etc. are transmitted through the internet. (more…)


Remote Work Model with Call Center Solution Part 1

Remote Work Model with Call Center Solution Part 1

Remote work model has been a necessity all across the globe due to increasing cases of COVID19. There are no other options left than lockdowns and curfews. The Coronavirus spreads faster than any other flu and it can make people very sick. At the moment, nobody has a vaccine. Thus, the only cure is, one saves himself from getting infected. To make sure all countrymen follow the rule of staying home, the governments are enforcing lockdowns and curfew. Many industries are collapsing because of it, but all cannot stay doing nothing. Some industries such as IT, call center, government, etc. need to keep working. Some of them such as government organizations, pharmacies, and hospitals have to stay in the field and some of them such as call centers, IT companies, etc. can adopt the “Work from Home” model.

To make this “Remote Work” aka “Work from Home” model successful companies need to use various tools and call center solutions can become one of the most important tools in this case. (more…)


Complete Your Communication Ecosystem with Omnichannel Communication Solution

Omnichannel Solution to Complete Your Communication Ecosystem

Each business needs a complete communication system in place that supports the day to day communication. Today’s consumers have been more demanding than ever before and to ensure a business can reach consumers from all possible channels, it requires better than before communication systems. Also, to support omnidirectional business communication cost effectively, a business requires omnichannel VoIP solutions.

The omnichannel VoIP solution offers a complete communication system for business. This VoIP solution is easy to use as it comes with an easy to use GUI based user panel. (more…)


Top 5 Ways to Reduce Call Center Cost

Top Ways to Reduce Call Center Cost

Reducing cost is one of the major factors used by the call centers to measure their success. Reduced costs result in increased savings. Saved money can be used in other operations to push growth and development forward. In this article, we will talk about different ways to reduce call center costs that can effectively help you reduce expenses.

  1. Monitor activities of agents in real time

It is necessary to assure the best performance of agents and even more necessary part of the action in any call center is to make sure that all customers are treated well. At any cost, customers should not feel offended or ill-treated. (more…)


How to Optimize Your Omnichannel Strategy?

Optimize Your Omnichannel Strategy

In modern times, many businesses and brands have adopted and executed the omnichannel approach for providing a seamless customer experience. However, most of these businesses do not have a proper plan chalked out for the omnichannel approach. In order to deliver the customer experience that your customers expect from you, it is crucial to plan well in advance as to how the channels will function, their management and quality checks for efficiency.

What is the omnichannel strategy?

Omnichannel strategy is a way or means used by organizations to improve customer experience. (more…)


Top 3 Must Use Tools for a Call Center

Must Use Tools for a Call Center

Call centers are a lifeline for many businesses. Some businesses outsource their call center business to full-fledged call centers and some set up an in-house call center to take care of call center related operations. In any case, the call center has to use top solutions and tools. They can’t rely on the traditional telephone to provide call center services.

Now, the question is, which are the must-have tools to make sure the call centers provide effective services within the minimum time to the customers so the revenues and ROI, both can be increased. (more…)


Call Center CRM Integration Enhances Performance

Call Center CRM Integration Enhances Performance

Call center software is an amazing tool for customer relationship management and lead conversion, both. The call centers, BPOs and KPOs run their businesses on the call center solution only. The businesses, on the other hand, use the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution to manage the records of the customers and use traditional telephony devices to make a call to convince the prospects and take care of customer queries. The call center software is excellent for effective calling, but it is not that enough for managing customer-related records. On the other hand, the CRM system is excellent for customer record management and takes related actions, but it doesn’t have any mean for effective calling. Do you know what the best solution is? The best solution is the Call Center CRM Integration. (more…)


DialShree: Best Call Center Solution for Indian Call Centers

Dialshree Best Call Center Solution for Call Centers in India

India is one of the countries which have many BPOs, KPOs and call centers. The country has many well established call centers as well as it has many emerging call centers. As we all know lifeline of any call center is the call center solution. Thus, we would like to share about one of the best call center solutions for Indian call centers. We are talking about DialShree.

DialShree is used by many big brands in India such as, Tech Mahindra, AEGIS, CarDekho, PMC bank, Prudent, SVC bank, TATA Housing, CIMS, IndusHealth, etc., which prove its worth as the best call center solution India. I would be glad to share the top reasons which make it the best call center solution India and makes us the best service provider. (more…)


Single Line Two Functions: Calling and Faxing

Single Line Two Functions - Elision

General scenario of using the phone and fax services is to use two different numbers: One for the Phone aka Voice calling and another for the Fax. What if I say you can take benefit of both of these applications, calling and faxing, via single number. Just one main business number that you can use to make and receive calls as well as to send and receive fax! Unbelievable!?.

This is possible. We have made it possible. We are known for our innovative solutions. We are proud to say we offer the most advanced communication and collaboration solutions and now we have come up with the solution that can resolve concerns related to handling different numbers for call and fax related operations.

Our engineers have invented a solution that they can implement for you as well. (more…)


Top 3 Ways Voice Logger Solution Flourishes Tech Support

3 Ways Voice Logger Solution Flourishes Tech Support

Technical support aka tech support is a tricky job. It needs multiple skills such as great communication skills, advanced technical knowledge, interpersonal proficiency and more. The technical support engineers need to be polite as well as they need to explain the solution in an easier way so the customers can get the required solution. To meet the required expectations of customer tech support and performance expectations, your technical team must be provisioned with advanced tools such as,

  1. Contact center solution
  2. Contact center CRM Integration
  3. Voice logger solution

Each tool has its own pros and it contributes in quicker issue resolution and increased customer satisfaction ratio. In this article, we will talk about voice logger aka call recording software and how it benefits the technical support department of the company. (more…)