AI Powered Voice Analysis Launched for Call Center Solution Users

AI Powered Voice Analysis Launched for Call Center Solution Users

We are excited to announce the launch of an AI-powered voice analysis add-on for users of our DialShree, call center solution. This add-on will automate the monitoring and analysis of call quality and agent performance.

We are one of the leading providers of the best call center solution empowered with advanced call center technology. We have introduced automation for various operations. Our recently launched AI-driven voice analysis module will automate screening different call recording files and perform sentiment and emotion and speech analysis to give you concrete data to judge the quality of service and quality of the call. (more…)


Why Is a Cloud Contact Center Beneficial for Startup?

Benefits of a Cloud Contact Center for Startup

All types of contact center solutions are available in the market. Businesses need to select the software depending on multiple factors. To help startup companies in the process of selecting the best call center software, we have represented major facts and important information in this blog post.

The startup companies must use a hosted cloud contact center solution for multiple reasons. (more…)


Boost Customer Satisfaction Using Self Serving Features of Contact Center Software

Boost Customer Satisfaction Using Self Serving Features of Contact Center Software

A majority of businesses use a contact center solution to handle customer queries to deliver an exceptional customer experience. The modern-day contact center solutions come with an array of features and benefits. An omnichannel contact center solution with support for unified communication channels is benefiting many contact centers and businesses.

Along with multiple other features, this software for call centers and businesses also has multiple self-serving features. (more…)


Guide to Choose an Ideal Call Center Solution in 2022

Guide to Choose an Ideal Call Center Solution in 2022

Everything is turning digital and businesses have started setting up in-house departments for almost everything. Call center solutions have been assisting businesses to set up reliable customer care, lead generation, and sales departments. As per the study, 86% of customers are fine with paying higher to the companies that offer a better customer experience.

Companies have a better understanding of their own products and services. (more…)


How to Transform Your Call Center into an Omnichannel Call Center?

How to Transform Your Call Center into an Omnichannel Call Center?

Call centers that have been using a single communication channel to deliver customer care or run other campaigns need to follow a proper process to transform their call centers into omnichannel call centers. Simply buying an omnichannel contact center solution will not be enough. From processes to agents, customers, and everything else need to be considered in this journey of transforming a call center into an omnichannel contact center.

We have been helping call centers with our call center software, custom call center integration, and other services and solutions for more than 13 years. (more…)


How to Increase Customer Retention in Your Business?

Increase Customer Retention in Your Business

There are multiple benefits of retaining existing customers such as:

  • The possibility of selling your other offerings to a new customer is around 5% to 20%. However, the possibility of selling to your existing customer is 60% to 70%.
  • Retaining existing customers can increase your business’s lifetime value.
  • Retaining existing customers can boost your brand’s popularity and revenue.



Must Know Customer Strategies in 2022

Must Know Customer Strategies

Usually, the beginning of the year gets spent revisiting the performance, defining new business goals, delegating responsibilities, etc. Thus, this is the perfect time of the year to start working on the strategy design part. In any business or call center, defining customer strategy is crucial. They need to retain existing clients and onboard new customers to keep business going and growing. (more…)


Must Know Call Center Statistics 2022

Must K-now Call Center Statistics

What is transforming the industry? What is influencing the customer’s decision? How does technology shape call center solutions? And many more questions can be answered by major call center statistics. The statistics can help you know what is working and what is expected from a call center.

We have collected major and most important statistics of the call center industry to help you define the future of your call center. (more…)


High Availability Call Center Solution: Everything You Need to Know

High Availability Call Center Solution

A call center solution is a crucial component in any call center. Any disruption in the way a call center software solution works can disturb the whole operational flow of a call center. Thus, it is necessary to focus on using a call center solution, which is set up with an HA setup.

Have you heard about the HA (High Availability) setup of a contact center solution?

Do you know a high availability call center solution can deliver 99.95% of uptime SLA (Service Level Agreement)?

Let’s explore more details about an HA contact center solution. (more…)


Call Center Solution vs. Contact Center Solution: Everything You Need to Know

Call Center Solution vs. Contact Center Solution 1

Usually, call center solution and contact center solution terms are used as synonyms. Still, technically, there is a difference between both of these solutions. The small difference between multiple other similarities makes both of these systems part apart from each other and we are going to discuss these differences in this blog post.

Call center solution vs. contact center solution

Both of these solutions are used to handle inbound, outbound, and blended calling campaigns. (more…)