How to Write an Effective Call Script in 2021?

Tips to Write an Effective Call Script in 2021

Call centers invest so much money in hiring the right agents and talented supervisors, buying a feature-rich call center solution, etc. All of this can fail if their call script fails. A call script is often considered one of the standard features available in the call center solution, but it has much value in a successful campaign. This is the reason it is necessary to get an effective call script. (more…)


First Call Resolution and Its Benefits


The call center industry uses multiple acronyms and one of the most popular acronyms is FCR. FCR stands for First Call Resolution. In this blog post, we will discuss FCR and how it works. We will explore the major advantages of FCR.

What is FCR?

If a customer gets a resolution to his/ her query within the first attempt, it is called first call resolution. It means the customer called to get the query resolution and within the first call, he/ she got a satisfactory response. (more…)


Contactless Contact Centers: Everything You Need to Know


With the changing dynamics in the industry, many things are getting changed, too. From the COVID 19 pandemic to changing user behavior, advancements in technology, challenges with investment, etc. have changed the dynamics of contact centers. One of the emerging shifts in the contact center industry is the increasing popularity of contactless contact centers.

The contactless contact centers have been the buzz word and if you don’t know what it is, there is nothing to worry about. (more…)


Stepwise Guide to Open a Call Center Startup

A Step-wise Guide To Open A Call Center Startup

The call center business has always been in demand. These days it is evolving at a rapid rate because companies need professional customer care executives to take care of their customers and their concerns. For businesses, a more convenient option is to outsource customer care and support tasks to a call center than opening a complete call center, recruiting and managing agents, buying software like call center software, CRM solution, etc. This has opened doors of opportunities for many aspiring business owners. (more…)


How to Increase Ecommerce Sales Using a Call Center Solution?

How to Increase E-commerce Sales Using a Call Center Solution?

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, which is still having its effect on various parts of the world, many industries have faced ups and downs. The eCommerce industry is one of those industries that have got benefited because of the pandemic. The habit of shopping in the brick and mortar stores has changed. People have moved more towards online shopping as it is safe and fun, both.

Along with the demand and popularity, competition has also increased in the eCommerce industry. (more…)


How to Increase Customer Retention Using a Call Center Solution?

Increase Customer Retention Using a Call Center Solution

In today’s fiercely competitive market, retaining customers can be a great strategy. Therefore, businesses have increased the focus on improving the customer retention rate. Along with loyalty programs and other strategies, using the right call center solution and its right features can also help in increasing customer retention.

In this blog, we will share how you can use a call center solution to improve customer retention. (more…)


Role of Social Media in Call Centers for Improved Customer Satisfaction

Call Center Social Media Integration for Improved Customer Satisfaction

With billions of users using one or more social media sites, social media has become one of the primary modes of communication for any business. Whether a business is interested in reaching a wider audience or interested in maintaining a positive brand reputation, effective use of social media is necessary.

Call centers majorly focus on customer satisfaction and sales. (more…)


How Contact Center Solution Flourishes Rental Car and Cab Business?

Contact Center Solution Flourishes Rental Car & Cab Business

Contact center solutions have their applications in almost all industry verticals. There are many businesses that are flourishing by using a contact center solution and the rental car and cab business is one of them.

In this blog, we will share how a contact center solution with unified communication support helps rental car and cab businesses to grow faster.

To run a loyalty program (more…)


Benefits of Using Secure IVR of DialShree: Call Center Solution in Banks

Benefits of Using Secure IVR of DialShree

DialShree is a popular call center solution, which is used in all industry verticals. It has a wide array of features and each feature is crafted with an excellent and advanced functional logic. Therefore, even a standard feature of DialShree: call center solution provides superior functionalities.

In this blog, we will share how an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) feature available in the call center solution, DialShree benefits banks in multiple ways. (more…)