Tips and Strategy to Improve Collection in Collection Centers

Collection agencies need to take care of the tough job of reaching out to the people and ask them to pay the EMIs by the due dates. The collection agents are like assistants for many people that help them pay their EMIs on time for loans, credit card bills, etc. Collection agents give reminders and also help customers pay with convenient payment options such as on-door cash or check pick-up, online payment processing help, etc. However, in many cases, people do not pay their EMIs on time. (more…)


How to Improve Results of Collection Calls?


Collection calls are not easy. Often people give various excuses or try to trick the agents calling for collection. Of course, collection agencies, invest in training agents to handle collection calls more effectively and get the most advanced call center solution.

But, is this it?

Getting a call center solution and giving the training is sufficient to increase collection and debt payments?

Well, the answer is no.

There is something more a collection agency and all collection agents need to do to increase debt payments. In this blog, we will share the top 3 tips for collection agents to improve results. (more…)


Call Center Best Practices to Enhance Collection

Call Center Best Practices to Enhance Collection

Different call centers run different campaigns and one of the most widespread campaign types is a collection. Some call centers focus completely on collection campaigns. Thus, they are commonly known as collection agencies or companies. Usually, collection companies have their strategy to increase collection, but there are some tips that can help increase collection and performance in a better way. Let us share how. (more…)


How Can DialShree Help in Increasing Debt Collection for Healthcare Industry?

DialShree Helps in Increasing Debt Collection for Healthcare Industry

People are more conscious about their health nowadays. People invest in health insurance, mediclaim, etc. People also get regular body checkups to stay healthy and fit. Moreover, the healthcare industry has become quite advanced now and therefore, there are many offerings along with traditional healthcare services. From annual health checkup plans to cosmetics, healthcare membership, and many other healthcare products are available for regular customers. (more…)


Collection Analytics That You Must Know

Collection Analytics That You Must Know

Collection agencies specifically work for debt collection to collect EMIs for loans, credit card bills, mortgages, etc. Along with having skilled agents, the collection companies also need the best tools such as a contact center solution.

The contact center solution offers features like predictive dialer, lead grouping, etc. to speed up the process of collection calls. However, still, this is not it. The collection companies will also require add-ons. We have developed a specific add-on, called the collection module. (more…)


How Auto Dialing Features Can Empower Collection Agencies?


Collection agencies need to work on various aspects and one of them is handling debt collection of the leads they have. One of the major tools used by collection agencies is definitely a call center solution. The call center solution comes with some amazing features that help collection agencies to work more efficiently, so collection can be increased.

In this blog, we are going to talk about one of the most important features available in the call center solution, which is auto dialing. (more…)


Which Are Must Have Tools for Agents Working from Home?

Must Have Tools for Agents Working from Home

The pandemic has started taking a turn and the new strain of the Coronavirus has proven to be more dangerous. It is spreading the disease faster and there is much happening across the world because of COVID 19. Many countries have started shutting down their borders and many businesses have again switched their operational models to remote. If you are running a call center and going to operate remotely, then there are some tools, which your agents need to work productively. (more…)


How to Reduce Call Drop Rate in Call Centers?

Tips to Reduce Call Drop Rate in Call Centers

In recent years, customers have become increasingly conscious of the product they purchase. Consumers want to know about a product and its functionalities in detail before they finally check out. Call centers play a major role in providing these consultation services to customers. However, a high call drop rate indicates the inefficiency of the call center solution to handle many calls which the call center receives. This can cause the call center to fall short to meet the demands of the customers and ultimately impact the sales of the product. To better tackle this problem, here are 6 ways that can help to decrease the number of dropped calls in your call center and enhance the efficiency of the call center software.

1. CRM Integration to Increase Efficiency (more…)


Major Call Center KPIs You Must Measure in 2021

Important Call Center KPIs 2021

Key performance indicators are the parameters that define the performance of campaigns, agents, and the call center itself. Call centers nowadays are more conscious about the growth and development and for that improving performance is needed. Identifying the right KPIs and focusing on them can help call centers to improve performance.

In this blog, we will help you identify the right call center KPIs by briefly describing, which KPIs will be important in 2021.

Customer satisfaction (CSAT) (more…)


What to Keep in Mind while Selecting Call Center Software for Collection?

Call Center Software Selection Tips for Collection Agencies

While looking out in the market, there are many options for a call center solution available. All call center solutions will have the same basic features, but what makes them different are the advanced features or add-ons they have to offer. While you are looking for a call center solution for a collection agency, you need to be even more meticulous. Selecting yet another call center solution would result in limited features or added expenses, so it is recommended to select the right call center solution for collection agencies. (more…)


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