How Can AI Voice Analysis Help Banks in Boosting Client Satisfaction?

How Can AI Voice Analysis Help Banks in Boosting Client Satisfaction_

Banking is one of the most competitive industry verticals. There are so many banks, including private banks that are trying to attract customers to use their services and banking products. Thus, unlike traditional times when customers used to use services from specific government banks only, now customer experience and satisfaction have become vital. This is the reason each bank has put a customer care department within the bank using skilled banking agents and the best call center solution. There are multiple other banking communication solutions available other than the call center software that can help improve customer satisfaction for a bank. AI voice analysis tool for banks is one of the tools like that.

What is an AI voice analysis tool?

This tool is also referred to as an AI call center solution because it is an artificial intelligence-drive module that can be integrated into the call center solution.

The AI voice analysis tool for banks analyzes each call for quality based on predefined parameters such as:

  • Usage of positive words
  • Tone of voice
  • Emotions in the voice
  • Silence in the conversation
  • Verbose minutes of conversation
  • And more

Based on these parameters, it gives an overall score along with scoring each individual parameter.

How does an AI voice analysis help banks to boost client satisfaction?

This quality assurance tool can boost client satisfaction in multiple ways. Let’s check how.

1. It checks each and every call for quality

Unlike a manual analysis system, in which the manager checks only some random calls, the AI call center solution will analyze each call for quality assurance. This tool will ensure that none of the quality of service-related mistakes are overlooked. Thus, it helps in taking care of each client and the experience delivered to him or her to improve overall and individual banking customer experience.

2. It highlights unspoken signs of client experience

It is easy to decode a client’s frustration when he or she gets angry and shouts at a banking executive, but it is difficult to decode whether a customer is happy, sad, or upset with the banking services if he or she is not using those kinds of words in his conversation. The AI voice analysis tool for banks can analyze the tone and emotions in the voice to highlight when a client was upset or disappointed with the answer of the banking agent. This helps in improving conversation style and decoding unspoken emotions of clients to deliver better customer service.

3. Improve training

Agents handle banking clients, so they must be trained for rectifying their mistakes. The AI voice analysis tool provides details on individual mistakes. This helps in training agents based on specific mistakes they might be making during a call. This helps in improving the customer care standards in banks and boosts client satisfaction.

If you are interested in exploring more about a banking call center solution and AI voice analysis for banks to boost customer satisfaction, we can help you. Contact us to initiate the conversation.


Major Productivity Hacks for Call Center Agents in 2022

Major Productivity Hacks for Agents in 2022

Call center agent productivity does not mean handling too many calls within the shift, but it s about delivering quality results while handling more and more calls. Utilizing the best resources like an omnichannel call center solution at its best is necessary to boost agent productivity. In this article, we will share the major hacks that you can try in 2022 to boost the productivity of your agents.

1. Define and convey agent productivity KPIs

The productivity parameters have shifted majorly due to various reasons such as shifting client demands, pandemic, wars, increasing agent attrition rate, etc. Thus, for a call center, it is necessary to define the right success metrics that define the productivity of agents. Moreover, it is necessary to keep agents informed about major productivity KPIs, so they can focus on improving the values of these KPIs.

2. Empower agents with the right tools

It is necessary to use the best call center tools to empower your agents. In this digital era, using an omnichannel call center solution is a must. This will help agents provide a unified experience across channels to clients. You will also need to add different tools to your contact center software. For example, integrate CRM into the call center solution to let agents lead the context-driven conversations. If your call center uses any other software that your agents need to explore such as an ERP solution, IP PBX software, etc., then you need to integrate these solutions within the call center solution. This will give all the required features within a single system with a single sign-on.

3. Measure the value of KPIs in real time

Don’t wait until you get time to measure the productivity KPIs and then get panicked about bad values. Rather, use the live call monitoring features available in the omnichannel contact center solution to monitor productivity KPIs in real-time. This can help in taking the right actions in real-time, so you can coach your agents in real-time to work on boosting the productivity of your agents.

4. Use AI voice analysis for quality assurance

You can automate the quality assurance process with artificial intelligence-driven tools. AI voice analysis can evaluate all calls for quality parameters. It will analyze all calls and give scores to each call and different parameters depending on the quality of calls. This will give the case-wide data to train and coach agents to work more productively.

5. Incentives and rewards

We expect quality and productive work from agents, but that is not really a driving factor for them to deliver excellent work. To keep them motivated and stress-free, you must invest in training your agents to deliver better. Moreover, call centers need to give the best incentives and rewards to inspire agents to work more productively and also focus on quality.


By following these five effective tips will help you boost the productivity of your agents. If you are interested in getting the right call center solution or an AI voice analysis tool for call centers, we can help you. Contact us to explore our range of software offerings for call centers.


Role of Truecaller for Business in the Banking Industry

Role of TrueCaller for Business in the Banking Industry

Truecaller has been a popular caller ID app in India and multiple other countries. It has been helping call recipients by showing who is calling to decide whether attending a call is worth their time or not. Now, Truecaller also helps callers with its Truecaller for Business plan.

Truecaller for business verifies the business number of a company or an organization to give a trustworthy caller ID with multiple features, which cannot be tempered by a third person, which is possible in not having a verified number.

Multiple industry verticals are gaining the advantage of this service made available by authorized partners of Truecaller business like Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

To verify your phone number with Truecaller for Business, contact us.

Along with multiple other industry verticals, the banking and finance industry can also gain a lot of advantages by using this number verification service with Truecaller. Let’s explore how.

1. Always reach a client or intimate about your call

In the banking industry, it is necessary to reach out to clients for various customer care and sales related campaigns. If a bank has verified the number with Truecaller, the customers will see the correct bank name, bank logo, verification badge and tick mark, and green highlight. This will spread a positive brand message, which often helps banks to increase the reach rate up to 75%. As the banks can reach out to clients at the right time, they can convey the required message and boost customer satisfaction.

2. Highlight emergency services

In banks, there are often some vital jobs that need instant customer attention such as KYC verification or missing document for that, cancelled check, unauthorized transaction alert, etc. With Truecaller for Business, banks can use the priority calling feature to highlight emergency calls to increase call reach and pick-up rate.

3. Increase pickup rate

Banks can also use the feature “Reason for calling” to increase the call pickup rate. When customers know the reason for the call along with seeing a trustworthy caller ID, the chances of call pickup rate are high. In case, a delivery boy is at the doorstep of the client to deliver a credit card or checkbook, using this feature can help in assuring a successful delivery for banks.

4. Analyze reports

Truecaller for Business not only provides caller ID related features, but also provides extensive reports to banks that use its number verification services. These reports can be used to analyze different parameters for future calling campaigns. The banks can also gauge the success of banking product sales campaigns.

In conclusion, the benefits of Truecaller for Business are several for banks when all features are used correctly. Banks can increase the reach rate, call pickup rate, and even the success of different campaigns.

Contact us to get the phone number of your bank verified with Truecaller for Business and gain all the benefits. You can also explore more details about Truecaller for business for banks and its benefits in detail in a personalized call with our representative. To schedule a call, please contact us.


Inbound Call Center Solution: Do’s and Dont’s to Boost CSAT Rate

Inbound Call Center Solution - Do's and Dont's to Boost CSAT Rate

Customer care is a crucial part of any business. The inbound call center solutions are used to boost customer satisfaction rate. An inbound contact center solution can be used to handle customer concerns and engage customers to improve customer satisfaction.

Even though inbound call center solutions offer the best features to handle clients more efficiently, the incorrect use of these features can cause negative customer emotions and reduce customer satisfaction (CSAT) rate.

To make sure you use your call center solution efficiently, you must know the major Do’s and Don’ts of the software.

Do’s of inbound call center

Use correct ACD

ACD (Automatic Call Distributor) is one of the best and most efficient features available in the call center solution to support customer care campaigns. This feature will have different call routing strategies like a sticky agent, skill-based routing, round robin, etc.

A call center must use the right ACD depending on the nature of the campaigns and goals to be converted. If a business uses any random feature, it can cause frustration in clients.

Personalize the conversation

If you are not already using the CRM widget in your call center solution, you must integrate the one. You should also use features like customer profiling to give the complete interaction history of a customer to the agent so agents can use this information about the client to personalize the conversation. Personalizing conversation can help in boosting client engagement and satisfaction.

Measure KPIs

You must measure the values of major key performance indicators to gauge how your customers are treated and if there is any way to improve this. The call center solutions offer multiple reports to clients and these reports can help in identifying strengths and weaknesses to handle major customer concerns with better responses.

Don’ts of inbound call center

A majority of customer care centers that use an inbound call center solution know don’t of the software, but still, here are the major points to keep in mind.

Don’t force self serving options

Many call centers want customers to use more and more self serving features available in the call center software to reduce call queues and load on agents. But, every time automation features cannot resolve client concerns.

Don’t increase the call transfer rate

Customers would have waited in the call queue already. Now, pushing them to wait while their call gets transferred and asking them to repeat the same story would add up to frustration. Thus, it is necessary to reduce the call transfer rate to a possible extent.

Don’t put customers on hold for long

Keeping customers on hold for too long also increases frustration among them, thus, it is recommended to avoid this practice. You can retrieve calls and inform clients that are taking a bit longer and stay on the call to keep the interaction live and not make customers feel ignored.

These are the top do’s and don’ts if you are using a call center solution to handle inbound customer concern calls. If you need the best call center software to handle customer care campaigns more efficiently, contact us.


Major Productivity Hacks Each Call Center Must Know

Call center agents are associated with the hustle and bustle of delighting angry customers. At the same time, they need to keep learning about newly added features in the contact center solution and other technical tools.

There are some easy hacks that agents can try to increase productivity without hampering routine performance. All they need to do is use some amazing features available in a call center solution correctly.



Benefits of Call Center Automation for Call Centers


Call center solutions have been benefiting many call centers or customer care departments set up in different businesses with their amazing features to increase customer loyalty and onboard more new customers. Businesses and call centers have been working swiftly using call center solutions and their skilled team of agents. However, the year 2020 was different than in earlier years. In many countries, long lockdowns were imposed or staff reductions were made mandatory. (more…)


A Guide to Start a Call Center in the Philippines


As per a survey result shared by HubSpot, “More than 50% of consumers still use phone calls as a primary method of communication to reach out to service or support team”. This proves the worth of a call center solution and a call center even in the era of too many communication channels. It doesn’t mean other communication channels like WhatsApp, social media, chat, email, SMS, etc. are not useful. An omnichannel call center solution is very much useful for call centers, but running a call center with a team of agents is not yet out of business. (more…)


Major Challenges Faced by Healthcare Industry without a Contact Center Solution

Major Challenges Faced by Healthcare Industry without Contact Center Solution

The healthcare industry is one of those industries that are early adopters of technology tools. Technology has empowered many tools and one of them is a communication tool. A contact center solution is one of the most advanced communication tools. It has many utilities and applications in the healthcare industry.

Case study, one of the leading hospitals got benefited by using a contact center solution

7 out of 10 hospitals have started using the contact center solution to leverage several advantages. However, still, some healthcare departments or organizations don’t use the contact center software. (more…)


AI Voice Analysis – The Secret to Boost Agent Performance

AI Voice Analysis - The Secret to Boost Agent Performance

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been empowering the call center industry with its incredible call center automation capabilities. The AI voice analysis for call center is one of the popular AI tools available for call center solution users. This tool helps in improving customer experience, the standard of customer services, and the quality of services. These are the known benefits of the AI voice analysis tool for call centers. But, do you know that this AI call center solution also helps in boosting agent performance and productivity? (more…)


How to Transform Your Call Center Digitally?

Tips to Transform Your Call Center Digitally

Digitization is not just a trend; it is a whole wave that has touched all industries and each individual in the world. More than 50% of businesses across the globe in more than 78% of industries have started using digital solutions and adopting 100% digital operational models.

Call centers have been using the best call center solutions and running their inbound, outbound, and blended campaigns digitally. (more…)


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