Major Utilities of a Call Center Solution in the Banking Industry


A call center solution is one of the most useful telephony communication solutions gifted by VoIP. It is useful for all industry verticals. In this blog post, we will share the major utilities of a call center solution in the banking industry.

Banking and finance are major industries that use this software for their benefit. Therefore, you can find specifically designed and developed call center solutions for banks. This type of call center solution will have custom features to benefit and speed up banking operations. (more…)


Elision Tools for Video KYC in Banking and Fintech Industry


We, Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd, have been catering to different industry verticals with our feature-rich tools. In this blog, we will share how some of our tools help the banking and Fintech industries.

We have been offering different solutions and tools to the banking industries and each of them is loaded with some amazing features. All features are built to strengthen different operations and departments of any bank and Fintech organization. (more…)


We Have Launched Customer Profiling Feature in DialShree


We are happy to announce the launch of the “Customer Profiling” feature in DialShree: Contact Center Solution. All existing and future users of DialShree can get access to this amazing and must-have feature.

What is customer profiling?

It is a value-added and on-demand feature that will be available exclusively to the users of DialShree: Contact Center Software. This feature can show all inbound and outbound interactions of a customer from the beginning to the till now during a live call to the agent. This feature also allows agents to explore the interactions of the customer within the selected date range during a live call or later. (more…)


We Have Launched Communication Tools for Government Industry


We are extremely happy to share that we have launched unified communication tools for the government-industry. From smart cities to police stations, government departments, government help desks, etc. can use these unified communication solutions. In fact, smart cities like Agra and GMDA are already using these smart solutions developed for the government-industry. (more…)


Top Tips to Keep Your Call Center Operational during the Pandemic

COVID 19 pandemic is going on and there is no clear indication that it is going to fade away soon. The numbers of cases and severity because of it are increasing like anything. The WHO has clearly indicated that it will take time in getting things under control and possibly the effects of the world novel Coronavirus are still going to shake the world for some time. In this situation, it is necessary for businesses to take the required steps to keep them going.

We offer the best call center solution to businesses and that is why we work closely with the call centers, BPOs, and similar businesses for more than 12 years. Based on our rich experience, here are some of the tips, we would like to share for call centers to keep operations going on and business running: (more…)


Call Center Solution India Offered by Elision Benefits Indian Call Centers

India is one of the countries that are dealing heavily with the world novel Coronavirus. The country has many big units and industries that keep this country on the list of one of the rapidly growing countries. However, due to COVID 19, these industries are stopped working as part of the preventions taken by the Indian government. The PM of India had announced the lockdown of the whole nation for 21 days on the 25th of March 2020. Then after, he extended the lockdown for 19 more days. The government of India is taking all necessary steps to control the whole situation. However, because of the nature of this novel virus, things are still misbalanced.  In this situation, the businesses are trying to adopt different approaches so the work can go on and the economy of India can also be supported. (more…)


Use Cases of Call Center Solution in Smart Cities

The first thing you need to understand here is that a call center solution developed for smart cities will have some exclusive features unlike other call center solutions available in the industry. These features get developed to provide the required exclusive functional capabilities to the smart cities and to consolidate the security of certain assets such as data, call logs, etc. We will refer to this call center software as a call center solution for smart cities in this blog.

The call center solutions for smart cities have many utilities in the smart cities. Let us share the major use cases aka utilities of this software in smart cities. (more…)


Benefits of Smart Grievance Management Solution in Government Industry

The government-industry has started using smart tools. Smart cities are furnished with smart city solutions, which are technology inventions, to make smart cities empowered. These tools are not limited to smart cities. In India, many departments in the government-industry use different technology solutions. One of the most powerful and beneficial tools for the government-industry is a smart grievance management solution. (more…)


Benefits of Call Center Automation for Call Centers


Call center solutions have been benefiting many call centers or customer care departments set up in different businesses with their amazing features to increase customer loyalty and onboard more new customers. Businesses and call centers have been working swiftly using call center solutions and their skilled team of agents. However, the year 2020 was different than in earlier years. In many countries, long lockdowns were imposed or staff reductions were made mandatory. (more…)


Top 4 Benefits of Using CRM Software in Call Centers


It is necessary to understand customers and for that call centers need better tools than just listening to customers during a live call. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is one of the must have tools in all call centers.

As we all know, the call center solution is used in all call centers still, the CRM system is not used that widely. This is wrong. There are many amazing benefits that are missed by these call centers which do not use the CRM system along with the call center software. In fact, the CRM system should be integrated in the call center solution with the call center CRM integration so it can be used seamlessly. (more…)


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