10 Most Efficient Trends in Enterprise Communication

WebRTC elisiontecadmin December 25, 2018


Here are the top ten most efficient trends in enterprise communication, read through them and see whether your enterprise is really doing what it needs to in order to adapt to the newer technologies of today:

1. Staying connected all the time:

In today’s generation, it is very important to stay connected whenever, wherever we go. This is because changes happen within seconds everywhere. Mobile phones these days have cloud applications which are meant for keeping the working people doing productive things at any place; at any particular time of the day and using whatever device is available. This is the newest norm that is to be on communication all the time.

2. The popularity of the form of connection:

As we all know previously voice calls were the only means of communication for enterprises. As technology developed and the world seeped into the generation of web 2.0, newer methods like e messaging, or email, text messaging and even video calls developed.

3. The rage of videos: 

Videos are largely being used every day on all platforms and its popularity is rising every day. A study showed that more than two hundred million people contacted each other using video calling in the past year. Many senior management executives who are the pros of business usually agree on the fact that video calls are replacing conference calls over the telephone. Video conferences are the new thing right now and as time passes by, it is becoming more popular.

4. Increment on the number of devices connected:

As mentioned earlier, nowadays people stay connected 24/7. A new day brings in a new device with even more advanced features. It is often noticed that there were three waves of communication. In the first wave internet was discovered and used, this added to the newer ways of communicating for the different people. In the second wave search engines like Google and Yahoo, social media and social apps like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter were added. In the third wave, internet integration occurred.

5. The retirement of legacy networks and equipment by 2020: 

The FCC declared that all analogue transitions were to be changed to the digital circuit. It means the popularity of VoIP solutions will reach the sky.

6. Telecom carriers not to own networks:

Communication services like voice, video and instant messaging are these days delivered mostly via public internet by telecom operations using mobile phones or desktop phones connected with the internet.

7. Replacement of high-cost hardware:

All companies are selling their expensive hardware contracts and settling for low-cost options like cloud.

8. Web real-time communication (WebRTC):

WebRTC is responsible for creating newer ways of communicating as they offer services like voice calls, video calls and instant messaging. Thus, WebRTC development is going to be a new trending thing in the enterprise communication.

9. New business models:

It is seen that companies or organizations that are taking in the newer trends of communication are growing even more and better. These new technologies are helping them grow fresh business models.

10. Embedded analytics and its use:

Embedded analytics are slowly changing the ways on how people should manage their telecom.

Communication is the key in all aspects of human life. It plays a very important role in the corporate world as well. Whether one is looking to expand their operations or working their way up to enhance their image in the eyes of their customers, they need to communicate their message in the most efficient manner. The trends mentioned above testify why.

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